Campus Life

Zanzibar University

ZU - Campus.


The Students Affairs Department, headed by the Dean of Students, has been established with the aim of facilitating personal and social welfare aspects of the students, as well as extra curricula activities. Moreover, it facilitates the attainment of students' services in the area of students' residence, food, health care and counselling. It also handles students‚ disciplinary matters.


The activities that are organized by the Department of Students Affairs primarily aim at achieving the following objectives:
  • Preparing and training the University youth in order to contribute to the betterment of their society and humanity at large;
  • Fostering moral behaviour and spiritual aspect of the students and developing integral and balanced personalities;
  • Introducing and orienting students towards social participation and individual responsibilities, mutual respect and brotherly relation among students and with the University staff members;
  • Cultivating students' talents and furthering their physical vigor and mental faculties.

Students Counselling Services

The Students Affairs Department conducts counselling services. It helps the students and guides them in solving their daily life problems (health, social, financial, academic and spiritual) which might otherwise hamper their academic progress, or preventing them from enjoying their lives generally.


There are three halls of residence, which accommodate male and female students separately. Those who are accommodated in the halls of residents have to pay an authorized fee before residing in their rooms. As the number of students in the campus expands and the number of rooms are limited, priority for dormitories accommodation is given to female students, students with disabilities, foreign students and those who are from outside Unguja (Zanzibar). Many students are also accommodated in private hostels in the neighbourhood.

Cafeteria Service

The University cafeteria, which is leased to an entrepreneur, is providing three course meals everyday to students and staff at reasonable prices. Special meal arrangements are made during the Holy Month of Ramadhan. Catering services are also being provided by several local restaurants just outside the University campus.

Al-Zahra Dispensary

For developing and maintaining healthy, active and productive manpower, the Zanzibar University Dispensary (Al-Zahraa Dispensary) provides curative and preventive medicines to students, staff families (wife or husband, and for staff own children) free of charge, while people from the neighbouring villages pay for the medicines only.
Services are offered through the outpatient, pharmacy and laboratory sections. The dispensary operates during official hours from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm from Monday to Friday. However, plans are under way to extend the medical services in the weekends and during the night time. Emergency cases at the dispensary are referred to the Mnazi Mmoja Referral Hospital in Zanzibar Town, or to private hospitals.

Al-Zahraa Mosque

Mosque facilities, built by the University Board of Trustees and other sponsors, provide opportunity for religious services to the University community and the people from the neighbourhood plus the visitors. The University community is predominantly Moslem. The Al-Zahra Mosque Committee (ALZAMC) organizes religious services and takes care of the mosque.


  • The University has very good facilities on the campus and that includes football ground, volleyball ground, and a multi-purpose hall in which there are basketball, netball, volleyball and table tennis courts. There is a fitness centre with some equipment, and efforts are underway to acquire more gym accessories.
  • The University has participated in various local and regional sports tournaments including the East African Inter-University Games (EAUG). The University is a member of Tanzania Universities Sports Association (TUSA) and East African University Sports Federation (EAUSF). The Zanzibar University students, through their sports committee, participate in sports and game competitions organized by various sports bodies locally, nationally and internationally.
  • The Department of Students Affairs, in consultation with the Students Organization (ZANUSO), organizes public lectures during the semester time. Speakers from outside the campus are invited to give talks on a variety of subjects. It organizes visits to various places of interest on the Islands.


The Zanzibar University Students Organization (ZANUSO) is concerned with the students' academic, political, social and recreational activities. The University, through the Dean of the Students, encourages the students to form academic and professional associations. At present all these association are under the umbrella of ZANUSO.
With several others being under construction, some of the existing professional associations include: -
  • Zanzibar University Law Society (ZULAS);
  • Zanzibar University Accounting & Finance Association (ZUAFA);
  • Zanzibar University Marketing Association (ZUMA);
  • Zanzibar University English Speaker's Society (ZUESS);
  • Zanzibar University Bachelor of Arts Students Association (ZUBASA);
  • Zanzibar University Students HIV/AIDS Club (ZUSHAC);
  • Zanzibar University Voluntary Environment Students Organization (ZUVESO);
  • Zanzibar University Economic Association (ZUECA);
  • Zanzibar University Business Information Technology Association (ZUBITA);
  • Zanzibar University Engineering Students' Association (ZUESA);
  • Zanzibar University Social Work Students (ZUSOWS);
  • Zanzibar University Health Students' Association (ZUHSA).

However students' activities are subjected to the following rules:
  • Total commitment in all aspects of students' activities whether in planning, preparations or execution of the general education policy in the University in particular and in Zanzibar in general.
  • Providing all University students – males and females – with opportunity to participate in accordance with the general regulations of the University and the Students Affairs Department.