The institute, in collaboration with all other faculties, conducts programmes leading to postgraduate diplomas, masters and doctorate degrees.

PhD Degree Programmes
Each department is set to offer PhD programmes in various fields. PhD candidates can be registered throughout the year the application procedures shall depend upon the departments' requirements.

Master Degree Programmes
Zanzibar University is set to offer Master programmes by coursework and dissertation and by research and thesis.

I) By Coursework and Dissertation

  1. Candidates who wish to complete their Master degrees by coursework and dissertation shall have to follow the following procedures:-
    1. To fully complete and pass the coursework phase;
    2. On the Senate's approval of the coursework results, the candidate shall be allowed to proceed to the dissertation phase of the Masters programme.
    3. The candidate shall then present and defend his/her research title to the respective faculty for approval within the first two weeks of a semester.
    4. The candidate shall necessarily submit his/her comprehensive research proposal to the Faculty Postgraduate Study Committee (FPSC) members and present at the Faculty seminars for review purposes.
  2. The Faculty concerned shall submit proposals of candidates to IPGSR for registration and appointment of supervisors.
  3. The IPGSR Board shall approve the candidates' registration for the dissertation.
  4. Deadline for registration shall be at the end of the second week of the semester.

II) By Research and Thesis

  1. Candidates who register for the Master degree by thesis shall be exposed to formal research methodology instructions before embarking on thesis writing. The candidates may be required to attend special lectures and seminars.
  2. Candidates who wish to register for the Master degree by thesis shall be required to follow the following procedures:-
    1. A candidate shall write and submit a two to three page statement of the research topic to be done. The Faculty concerned shall assign supervisor(s) to the candidate, who shall then immediately begin his/her studies.
    2. Within six months after being registered and on the approval of the respective FPSC, the candidate shall be required to submit a complete research proposal and defend it in a seminar for the IPGSR Board.
    3. The comprehensive research proposal shall not be more than 20 pages in length including all appendices and other supporting documents and comply with the postgraduate thesis guidelines. It shall be distributed to all the IPGSR Board members for scrutiny at least one week before the seminar presentation.
    4. When the research proposal is found to be satisfactory, the IPGSR Board shall approve for the preparation and, finally, the thesis writing.
    5. IPGSR Board shall approve the supervisors to guide the candidate in his/her research and shall provide candidate's progress report to the IPGSR after every three months.
    6. If the candidate fails to submit proposal within six months, shall have to pay TZS 82,500/- for each month of extension.
    7. In case, for some reasons, a candidate fails to continue with his/her studies, he/she may apply to the Senate through the Faculty via IPGSR for the postponement of the registration. The maximum period for the freezing of the registration shall be one year.
    8. If a candidate fails to complete the Masters study program within the given period of time, that shall lead to his/her discontinuation from studies, unless the Senate approves his/her application for extension.