1. Zanzibar University selects candidates for admission solely according to TCU and NACTE guidelines and, therefore, all applicants are advised to abide with the updated criteria provided by the two regulatory bodies.
  2. Nevertheless, each and every academic unit may dictate some additional requirements for the admissions into their programmes and the candidates need to fulfill these additional requirements.
  3. After returning the duly filled application form, on time, along with all relevant supporting documents and proof of payments of application fee, the University's Admissions Committee considers and approves the recommendations of the respective faculty on the suitability of the candidate. The Senate's Organ, then, confirms the list of the selected candidates for onward transmission to TCU or NACTE.
  4. Admissions Office shall inform the selected applicants about their successful applications and the programmes they have been selected together with the reporting dates, fees, duration of the programme, university's regulations and other relevant information.