The minimum entry requirements as set by TCU and NACTE to join degree programmes are as follows:-

  1. For A-Level applicants, the minimum entry qualification is two principal passes with a total of 2.0 points and three credits at O' Level.
  2. For the applicants with RPL qualification, the minimum qualification is 'B' grade.
  3. At least Four O' Level passes (D's and above) or NVA level III with less than four O' Level passes or equivalent foreign qualifications as established by either NECTA or VETA; AND
    1. Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 6) with at least GPA of 2.7; or
    2. Full Technician Certificate (FTC) with at least points average of 2.7 (where A=5, B=4, C=3 and D=2 points); or
    3. Diploma in Teacher Education with an average of 'C' grade; or
    4. Health related awards such as Clinical Medicine with average of 'B' grade; or
    5. Credit class diploma for classified diplomas and certificates in terms of 'distinctions, 'credit' or pass' or
    6. Lower Second Class diploma for classified non-NTA diplomas; or
    7. Average of 'B' grade or Lower Second Class in recognized pre-entry programme offered by technical institutions accredited by NACTE for both A level and Diploma holders with lower than minimum entry requirements.

Additional Requirements for Different Degree Programmes

  1. Candidate applies for Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration; Islamic Banking and Finance; Procurement and Logistic Management; Information Technology; Economics; Nursing; Computer Engineering & Information Technology; and Telecommunications Engineering must: -
    1. Possess a Principal or Subsidiary Level pass in Mathematics at "A" level; OR
    2. Have passed Mathematics subject with at least D grade at "O" level; OR
    3. Have a pass in Statistics or Mathematics or Quantitative Methods at Ordinary Diploma level.
    4. For engineering programmes, applicants must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at A-level and at least passed in Physics and Mathematics.
    5. For Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a candidate must have principal passes in Biology and Chemistry at A-level.
  2. Candidate applying for Bachelor of Law and Shariah must have "O" Level Credit pass in English.


The programme requirements use the Old Grading System to applicants who completed Form Four and Form Six in 1988-2013. For Form Six applicants who completed their studies from 2014, their grades will be translated into Old Grading System.
The translation is illustrated in table below and will be used for admission purposes only. For the new grading system principal pass is between 'A' and 'D'.

Source: Undergraduate Admissions Guidebook for Higher Education Institutions in Tanzania – 2014/2015, TCU).